RC design, detailing, drafting and scheduling

(Note:information based on v2010 but v2013 released December 2013)


"From analysis to schedules in minutes"


BEAMD will analyse and design just about any single or multi-span RC beam subject to a wide range of loading conditions.  Standard combination load cases are generated automatically to meet code requirements. The resultant BM envelope may be automatically adjusted for redistribution within specified limits.  A wide range of national codes including BS8110, EC2 and ACI


In addition to standard beams, the program can handle special cases too, such as:

  • Beams with change in depth between the field or within them. 

  • Beams with elastic supports.

  • Settlement of supports. 

  • Torsion in the beam. 

The program designs the links (stirrups) with automatic variable spacing allowing for shear reduction at the supports. 


The program calculates the immediate and the long term deflections accounting for a cracked section, based on the reinforcement area in the beam

Shear and moment diagrams

Shear design

In a few seconds the program selects and displays a reinforcement arrangement, which represents an economic and practical solution, and meets all the relevant code requirements:

  • Moment envelope coverage. 

  • Anchorage and curtailment. 

  • Arrangement of bars in the section.

  • Restrictions on percentage of reinforcement, number of bars and allowable diameters.

  • Top/bottom face level difference between spans.

The automatic detailing (for bent bars too) is carried out according to user-defined parameters (such as range of diameters and covers) but reinforcement details are easily modified interactively. The diameter, quantity, length, layer, etc. of any bar may be revised. Revisions are automatically reflected in the beam elevation, the detailing, the sections and in the scheduling.


The user need not worry that the modified arrangement will no longer meet the code requirements as at any stage of the modifications he can request:

  • A complete design check of the current arrangement. 

  • A graphic display of the reinforcement superimposed on the bending moment envelope, clearly showing any excess or missing reinforcement. 

BEAMD produces its own high quality drawings to a variety of detailing standards in use in the UK and worldwide. These drawings may be exported to CAD systems via DXF if required. Bending schedule production is automatic based on standard reports (BS8666 etc.) or user-defined layouts.


Download evaluation version (6MB)

Download rolling demo

Datasheet (PDF)

BEAMD's unique design check

Section Detailing

Completed detailing drawing