Loughborough University leads the field

The Genesis

25 years of service to the Construction Industry

Founded in 1983, GTS has roots going back to the very earliest days of construction computing at Loughborough University. From day one, its mission was to bring cost-effective computing to wider and wider sections of the Construction Engineering market. To achieve this aim, it made the bold decision to address only the fledgling micro-computer market - systems many other vendors considered to be 'toys'.


Since that time it has progressively built its business, pushing back the boundaries of computing in the rapidly evolving PC arena. It now has customers in nearly 50 countries worldwide.

The Mission

"To offer our customers the best possible computing solutions with choice, impartial advice, professionalism, reliability, cost-effectiveness and total on-going support"

Unlike many specialist vendors, GTS CADBUILD believes that customer choice is the single most important purchasing criterion. Customer's needs vary and even the most computer literate person can find the software market a minefield. GTS CADBUILD works with independent authors and software development companies to bring together a coherent range of products, each developed to meet specific needs. Continuing customer feedback ensures that product development is customer led in addition to meeting the demands of the latest technology.

Le Coie Hotel redevelopment, Jersey

Architect: BDK Architects, Engineer: Hartigans


The Team

The GTS CADBUILD team includes Chartered Construction and Computing Professionals. In addition, it draws on the skills of a wide variety of industry specialists for their expert knowledge in specific construction fields. Its software authors include leading experts on structural analysis, steel design, concrete design and geotechnics.

When you speak to a Sales Engineer, he will speak your language. When you need support, the Support Engineer will understand your problem.


The Products

GTS CADBUILD is sole supplier (in the UK and other parts of the world) for products developed as a result of co-operation between GTS CADBUILD and external software teams. Such products include STRAP - the leading structural analysis package and the QUIKSOFT range of analysis/ steel design software, We also supply other well-known packages such as Micro-Drainage and the GEOSOLVE and GEO5 range of geotechnical software.




The Service

From its centrally-based offices in Loughborough, GTS CADBUILD offers a complete software sales and support service. Wherever possible, we offer on-site demonstrations and extended evaluations of software. Overseas sales of software are an important part of our business and we regularly ship software around the world. For the benefit of our many overseas customers, we accept credit card payments and offer an efficient support service by EMAIL. Our on-line store offers a convenient way to evaluate and purchase software with electronic delivery and preferential prices.

GTS CADBUILD Limited, PO Box 9981, Loughborough, Leics LE11 9GP

Tel: + 44 (0)8456 250559 Fax: +44 (0)8456 250221 Email: sales@gtscad.com, support@gtscad.com