Why GTS CADBUILD is the No. 1 source for tried and tested Eurocode Software with unbeatable UK-based support

GTS CADBUILD, together with its UK and overseas software developers have been working towards the harmonisation of European design standards for a very long time. Design modules to the draft standards were first incorporated in some of our software over 10 years ago. Since that time, we have planned to have all major items of software fully Eurocode compliant by the date of implementation which was 1st April 2010.



Nearly two years on, our Eurocode software goes from strength to strength with widespread adoption amongst our growing customer base.

On 31st March 2010, all competing British Standards were withdrawn. Whilst they will certainly remain in use for some time, the government is under direction from the EU to ensure a speedy transition. Public sector bodies are likely to require that design of new work is to the Eurocodes. Also, in order to better address the European and Global markets, large private sector bodies are already moving rapidly towards Eurocode compliance. A final important point is one of liability. What are the legal and insurance risks of using withdrawn, unmaintained, standards?
How you can get up-to-speed on the Eurocodes at minimal cost

All Eurocode-compliant GTS software is suitable for training use and can be downloaded for training purposes completely free-of-charge. A period of 30 days applies to all training/evaluation use unless otherwise agreed. We recommend that a simple program (such as quikEC3) is the best training vehicle but you can also download more powerful software for frame design, portal frames, connections etc.  The following table gives the current EC status of our programs:-






Electronic steel-tables wizard with simple EC3 design and detailed calculations output.



Frame analysis and design in steel and timber



Remarkably productive and innovative steel portal design program



Simple and moment steel connection design



Simple and composite beam design


STRAP Major 3D frame and finite element package with steel, RC and pre-stressed concrete design Released
BEAMD Innovative RC design, detailing, scheduling and drafting Released
GEO5 Comprehensive Geo-technical toolkit Released




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