GEO5 is a superb low-cost geotechnical toolkit offering all the practical tools needed by the geotechnical Engineer. The current release is the result of over ten years of continual software improvement.  It offers a variety of integrated modules developed on the same friendly platform. All modules are available either separately or can be integrated into a state-of-the-art software package handling all essential geotechnical problems. For details of the individual programs, just click the links below.


** Information on this site is currently based on the GEO4 versions. Most programs are now available in GEO5 format with many detailed improvements. For up-to-date information, please see the GEO5 v. GEO4 comparison and the GEO5 flyer.

FEM General geotechnical FEM (Settlement, Retaining Wall, Slope stability, beams, underground excavations etc..)  Fantastic value for money!

Slope Stability


slope stability analysis according to Bishop or Sarma

Rock Stability


stability analysis of rock slopes



computation of settlement caused by surcharge and change of GWT



ground settlement above shallow underground structures

Gravity Wall


verification and dimensioning of gravity wall

Cantilever Wall


verification and dimensioning of cantilever wall



analysis of gabion walls

Earth Pressures


analysis of earth pressures



verification of bridge abutment

Sheeting Design


design of sheeting structures and sheet pile walls

Sheeting Verification


analysis of anchored sheeting walls using the method of dependent pressures

Spread Footing


design and verification of spread footings



verification of a single pile


beam on elastic foundation

Download Available (approx. 71MB)