GEO5 is a natural progression from the popular and well-established GEO4 suite of programs. Featuring more than 100 improvements and full Eurocode 7 (EN 1997-1) compliance it offers the perfect integrated package for the Geotechnical Engineer in organisations both large and small. Programs include:Cantilever Wall, Gravity Wall, Gabion Wall, Prefab Wall, Sheeting Design, Sheeting check (FE), Nailed Slopes, Slope Stability, Spread Footing, Piles, Settlement and Earth Pressures.


GEO5 is one of a range of products from FINE Civil Engineering Software. Why not visit their site

GTS CADBUILD is the sole distributor of GEO5 in the UK and Ireland and also supplies to English-speaking countries worldwide.



from 450 per program

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GROUNDLOSS - a new program for prediction of building damage from tunnelling. For details of this powerful and exciting new program, why not visit the special website UK price is just 895 with 30 rebate to existing GEO4/GEO5 users. Groundloss brochure [PDF]

Micropile - a new program for verification of micropiles - only 450

Piles CPT - Single pile verification based on CPT results - only 540

GEO4 FEM Used on Major Projects

GEO4 FEM and its associated TUNNEL program have been used on many prestigious engineering projects in Europe. After viewing the presentation, click on the link below to find out more about this exciting product which breaks the traditional price/performance barrier. Now even the smallest geotechnical organisation can afford the power of the finite element method.

GEO4 FEM can be used to model most geotechnical problems and to provide backup validation to traditional analytical methods. Data input is easy and excellent graphical displays make results interpretation a cinch.

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GTS Cadbuild has many years of geotechnical experience especially in the areas of slope stability, retaining walls and foundations. In addition to the popular GEOSOLVE range of programs, we now supply GEO5, a comprehensive and low-cost geotechnical toolkit (now with FEM - powerful geotechnical finite elements). FOUND is a pad foundation program integrated with the STRAP structural analysis package. However, it may also be used standalone.

GEO5 geotechnical toolkit

Toolkit Contents/Program Details *based on GEO4 version of programs




FOUND (Part of the STRAP package)






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