QUIKJOINTxp is the most comprehensive connection program available. In addition to the widest range of connection types, it has intelligent 'Connect Wizards' for automatic design. Just select a joint type, then enter the member sizes and loads.

Give the Connect Wizard brief details of how to form the connection, and it's done! The Connect Wizard will place the bolts, add stiffeners, calculate end plate thicknesses etc....

Its unique approach is the result of considerable consultation with fabricator based steel detailers. All their many years of experience is built in to the Connect Wizard's knowledge base. You can be sure that QUIKJOINT will produce practical, safe and economic designs.

QUIKJOINT xp links with QUIKPORT for completely automatic design of eaves haunches, apex haunches, column bases, moment connections and member splices.

Key features:
  • The widest, most comprehensive range of connection types
  • Unique 'Connect Wizard' for automatic connection design
  • Built-in Fabricator Knowledge Base for simple, economic designs
  • Comprehensive checks cover all conceivable modes of failure
  • Link to the popular QUIKPORT program for automatic design
  • Comprehensive on-screen and printed output with links to CAD

QUIKJOINT xp is totally interactive using state of the art 'object oriented' graphics. You work with a fully dimensioned, annotated drawing. Just click on any dimension, bolt, plate or stiffener to change any of its properties. Insertion or deletion is just as easy.

The user has clicked on the '80' dimension to change it


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Note: QUIKJOINT xp is a new version of the popular and well-established QUIKJOINT program. All references to QUIKJOINT are equally applicable to QUIKJOINT xp.