QUIKBEAM is indispensible for the design of steel beams and composite construction. Its innovative wizard-based approach makes it immediately productive for the new user and powerful enough for the busy designer who expects the facilities many simple programs lack.


Its as easy as 1-2-3


Why waste time defining loadings, loadcases and combinations for every beam on every project? With QUIKBEAM, you simply select the floor dimensions to add UDL's. Just select incoming supported beams to add concentrated loads. Add any other loadings from QUIKBEAM's wide range of standard types, choose the design combinations and let the design wizard do the rest. Uniquely, QUIKBEAM's loadings may be split into construction and final stages for both simple and composite beams.




QUIKBEAM caters for most designers with a wide range of UK and European sections but custom section files can be created using the optional MERLIN package. Built-in, user extendable, tables of steel decks, concrete types and studs make composite design a cinch.

Designers looking to accommodate both economy and services requirements will like QUIKBEAM's web-openings facility. Circular and rectangular holes may be defined, with or without stiffeners, as required.


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Program Features:

  • Steel beam and composite design all in one easy-to-use program

  • Unique wizard-based approach for quick and easy design and checking

  • Wide range of sections built-in plus import of sections from MERLIN
    Rectangular and circular web openings for both simple and composite beams

  • Built-in and user definable steel decks, concrete and shear studs

  • Project-based calculations and reports with links to CAD and QUIKJOINT


Quickly calculate loadings from supported floors, including general trapezoidal shape



A wide range of deckings for composite construction are included.


Where QUIKBEAM really excels is in its organisation and presentation of project data. It follows best industry practice and is designed very much with the checker in mind. Clear diagrams showing loading and the main results are followed by detailed calculations. Beam results may be printed individually or combined into a fully-indexed project report which also includes summaries of project loading standards, beam sizes, no.off, weights, lengths and total weight.