The Structural Analysis package

Frame Analysis, Finite Elements, Steel Design, RC Design, Post-tensioning, Detailing and more

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The input wizards quickly create many standard types of ‘parameterised’ structure.

‘Fastmenus” speed editing with a right-hand mouse click. 

Cylindrical and Cartesian co-ordinates can be mixed.

Models can be merged and replicated to form larger models, with scaling if applicable.

Nodes, beams and elements may be copied complete with their properties.

Models may be generated to fit mathematical equations.


FE meshes may be automatically generated to user constraints and with openings.

Nodes, beams/elements are easily removed from the display for clarity.

Shopping Centre, Sao Paulo


Section orientation may be shown diagrammatically or by fully rendered images.

Nodes, beams and elements can be checked for inadvertent duplication. 

Multiple views can be saved and restored with up to four viewing windows.



Loads are shown graphically, to scale and by type.

Self-weight may be automatically applied including a percentage taken horizontally.

Global Area loads make it easy to apply patterns of loading to surfaces – user decides how loading is distributed (to nodes, beams or elements) – including one way distribution if required. Patterns can be stored.

Linearly varying loads can be applied over a beam string.

Multiple (identical) loads can be edited individually or simultaneously.

Moving loads and adjacent/alternate span loadcases can be generated automatically.

Loadings can be copied from one part of a model to another.

Includes Wind-loading on both clad and unclad structures.



A right mouse-click gives instant results for a selected beam.

Output units can be different from input units.

Beam results can be obtained at up to 20 points in span.

Deflections can be animated.

Extensive processing of results is possible, including many sorting options and post-processing of load combinations. 


Results may be presented along user defined section lines in elements. Output can be limited by a range of techniques including zoom and remove. Wood and Armer design moments are standard for plate elements. Printed reports can include user defined drawings.



Ever wanted something for nothing!  STRAP's intelligent RC Design module takes almost all its input from existing model data. It even identifies beam and column strings, automatically sizing supports on the basis of member dimensions. All design envelopes are taken from the STRAP results and used with user defined defaults to size main, shear and compression reinforcement. A deflection check is included.  Optional column, beam and slab detailing with schedule production.

Visualise software so powerful it meets all your structural analysis needs.. yet so easy, you can use it in minutes...

So versatile it analyses and designs just about any structure you can think of.....

So affordable, it pays for itself in hours.....

Your vision is STRAP, the most comprehensive structural analysis system. Use it for frames, slabs, shells, tanks, towers, bridges.... You'll be in good company. The UK's leading Engineers use STRAP to design the most prestigious structures worldwide. From Dartford to Portugal, from Riyadh to Hong Kong, STRAP has been used on many of the world's major bridge projects.

Golden Jubilee Bridges, London

Architect:Leifshultz Davison

Engineer:WSP Group

The Great Court Roof of the British Museum was a challenging project easily met by STRAP. A complex 3D asymmetric shape, it has over 3,300 triangular elements, all different.



Great Court Roof

Architect: Richard Rogers

Engineer:Buro Happold

STRAP is an obvious choice for stadium design and following its very successful use on Arsenal's spectacular Emirates Stadium, it was also used by the same team on the London 2012 Olympic stadium


Architects: HOK Sport     Engineers:Buro Happold        Picture:Miller Hare


Even if your horizons don't extend that far, STRAP is the No.1 choice for the smaller structural practice. Just buy STRAP Designer and you have the ideal low-cost analysis and design package. Extend the modules as your needs and budget expand. STRAP will help you grow, but you won't out-grow STRAP!


You'll love it!

We're confident you'll like STRAP. So confident, we'll let you try it free for an extended period. Use it alongside your existing software. We know which you'll prefer. In fact, users in an independent survey gave STRAP a remarkable 9.5 out of 10 for ease of use.


STRAP's award-winning steel design module can automatically design steel structures directly from the analysis output. A minimum weight design is achieved subject to a comprehensive range of user defined constraints such as: section type, min/max depth and breadth, identical to, etc. Beams may be combined for design in order to accurately incorporate intermediate restraints and effective lengths. The structure may be re-analysed/re-designed to quickly find an optimum solution. A general arrangement drawing may be produced but there are also dedicated links to STRUCAD and XSTEEL. DXF and CIMSTEEL standards are supported. Available to EC3/BS5950/USA and other codes.

Optional fully integrated automatic connections design package. Optional composite and light gauge modules.



Highly sophisticated highway loading case generator identifies worse structural effects anywhere on a bridge deck. Includes UK BD codes and worldwide vehicle types.


This must be seen to be believed.


STRAP's integrated post-tensioned concrete module is equally suitable for buildings and bridges. Working in conjunction with the staged construction facility, POST-TEN is suitable for more standards, more design methods, more pre-stressing techniques and more construction sequences. From within STRAP, the designer chooses the beam or slab area to pre-stress. Many user-configurable defaults and and cables are built-in. The useful 'Magnel' diagrams indicate feasible cable selections. Curve-fitting tools allows the user to fit feasible cable profiles between two indicated limits. A full set of results includes stress levels under all transient and permanent loads. Net pre-stress forces are then automatically used to determine effects such as hog, net deflections under load and elastic shortening. Request further details



Design of RC spread footings at STRAP model supports, automatically taking account of required load combinations. Exact design for bi-axial moments. Columns may be eccentric. EC2/BS8110/USA and other codes.


For other optional modules, please see our price list


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