(as at December 2013)

STRAP v2013

BEAMD v2013 





quikEC3 v1.13

Merlin v5.35

GEO5 v17


Eurocode design is available in all design programs except MERLIN (use quikEC3 instead). Note that it is only available to new and maintained customers.



Existing customers should contact for updates and not download them from this site. New versions require unlock codes or new personalisation files available only to maintained customers.  Prospective customers can download the software via the DOWNLOADS area.


December 2013

has now been released to new customers and is being rolled out to existing customers during the pre-Christmas period. Please bear with us during this time as we're expecting to be very busy. Good job we have the holiday period to recuperate.


V2013 features some radically new architecture giving super fast solution on 64 bit computers with multiple cores*. Specific improvements include a new non-linear combination feature, enhanced sub-model facilities, improved wall option and enhanced bridge loading module. There are numerous detailed improvements and many program limits have been extended. Wherever possible, program defaults have been updated to reflect contemporary UK practice**. For full details please click here.  *speed improvement only on 64 bit versions of Windows   ** UK version only - other versions available



BEAMD v2013 has also been released to give full inter-operability with STRAP v2013. It's very difficult to improve on such a productive product but there are many detailed enhancements and program defaults have been updated to reflect latest UK practice**. Don't forget that it also works as a standalone RC beam design, detailing and scheduling system of unbelievable productivity. ** UK version only - other versions available



All QUIKSOFT programs are currently being updated with release expected mid-late December 2013. The programs will feature a new faster installation/ unlocking routine and a choice of 'legacy' QUIKSOFT or new filing systems. The programs will, where possible, include other improvements/suggestions/code changes listed at the end of November 2013.

We will email all customers once the new versions are released.


Many thanks to all those customers who made our 30th Anniversary promotion in October so successful. Our customers benefited from the best prices ever and we recorded record sales. Thanks and Thanks again.


June 2013

QUIKPORT now takes account of SCI guide P397 "Elastic design of single-span steel portal frame buildings to Eurocode 3". Although QUIKPORT has had EC3 design for FIVE years, few changes were needed to account for this new guide and it makes negligible difference to existing designs. In addition, the boundary fire checks are now in accordance with P313 "Single Storey Steel Framed Buildings in Fire Boundary Conditions" in addition to the earlier BS5950 method.


**** UPDATED ****



STRAP 2012 has many new features including a REVIT link (see more details below). Note that new interface languages have been introduced (Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Chinese). As standard, the UK version is supplied only in English but multi-language support can be enabled if required.


Steel Design of user-defined combined sections. These sections, defined in STRAP geometry, can be arbitrary combinations of standard steel sections, plates and user-defined sections. 



Complex Wall Elements. These can include openings and will automatically connect to other walls of different cross-section.



Section Property reduction factors. A and I can be reduced by a factor - useful for modelling cracked sections.


General Improvements to:-

Grid lines, Rigid links, tapered sections, section properties (32,000), materials (32,000), global loads, wind loads, dynamic options.


REVIT Link  **** Note: only REVIT > STRAP **** is currently available

This two-way link is supplied free of charge as a standard STRAP utility. Importation of REVIT models is via a SIX file. To produce these files REVIT requires a 'plug-in' called SI Xchange from This is available as a free 'lite' version and a $199 Professional version. Prospective users of the link should download an evaluation copy from the above website to ascertain which version best meets their needs.


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QUIKJOINT now complies with the new SCI 'Green Book' for simple connections to EC3 - P358 "Simple joints to Eurocode3". You'll be pleased to know that it makes little difference to connections designed with previous versions owing to QUIKJOINT's very solid Eurocode pedigree. Where QUIKSOFT leads, others follow.


More details about QUIKJOINT

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Windows 7/8 64 bit compatibility

Note that all programs run under Windows xp, VISTA and Windows 7/8 (32 and 64 bit) therefore we are dropping 'xp' from certain program names but it will take a while for all promotional material to be updated.


GTS CADBUILD Ltd has moved

After 18 years at Woodbrook House, we moved to new premises in 2011. Please ensure your records are updated as we ar STILL receiving mail to the old address. Telephone numbers and email addresses are unchanged.



PO Box 9981


Leics LE11 9GP

Tel: +44 (0)8456 250559

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FREE Eurocode training software

All GTS Eurocode software is suitable for training use and we suggest that you download FREE evaluation versions from our download area.


GTS Eurocode Software background

Download area


An ideal training tool for EN 1993-1-1 (EC3), quikEC3 is a very useful 'electronic blue book' which can calculate properties, section classifications and structural capacities for a wide range of section shapes, using EC3 terminology. A database of all major worldwide steel sections is included but custom tables are easily built for non-standard sections.



In addition, the program calculates the following:

Section classifications for axial, y bending, z bending : (for non-symmetrical sections, classification is carried out for either top, bottom, left or right of section in compression depending upon section orientation).

Calculation of effective section properties for class4 (slender) sections including any shift in neutral axis.

Section capacity checks: axial tension, axial compression, moment, low shear, high shear, moment and shear, moment with axial, moment axial and shear for both Y and Z axis bending. Class1, 2, 3 and 4 (slender) sections are covered.

Combined axial, X moment and Y moment capacity checks.


Download this innovative program now and try it free for up to thirty days (registration required).

Buy it for just 70 + vat (Special Offer) HERE or by calling 08456 250559 with your credit card details for immediate unlock code.


Introductory Video [wmv]

Program Datasheet [PDF]

Sample calculations [PDF]

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Eurocode Introductory Videos

Introductory videos for quikEC3, QUIKFRAME  and QUIKPORT. Note that the screen resolution has been reduced for faster downloads.


quikEC3 - general introduction to the program and EC3 calculations

QUIKFRAME - general introduction to EC3 calculations

QUIKPORT  - general introduction to EC3 calculations

QUIKPORT  - check wizard


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